O’Henry Would Have Loved  Telenovelas! 

Poor LaTuti in the Telemundo SuperCrazyFragilisticExpialidociousSeries  aka NarcoNovela “Senora Acero 3:”

All LaTuti ever wanted was a real family: Life-Sized, not made out of plastic, and with real hair.

But instead, even though she got her son back in a reverse-kidnapping thanks to the Pied Piper of Chihuahua, Mario Casas, he is not happy and she is thinking of returning him to his abuela, in a “Ransom of Red Chief” scenario. 

Maybe she had hoped he would be as excited as the new Malibu Barbie as she was! 

The show is being preempted tonight by the 3-Hour EXTREMELY GRAND FINALE of “Sin Senos Si Hay Paraíso!” 

But don’t miss it tomorrow night!

And in case you missed it, here is the article about me in today’s Chicago Sun Times!!




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