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Que tal!

Did you watch the VERY GRAND FINALE of the SuperSizeSuperSeries #SenoraAcero3?  My head is still spinning with exactly how many hijinx, shenanigans, and   Medieval torture methods can be included in one fifty-minute television episode! 

First of all, you have to hand it to El Gallo, his wife Tia Josefina and his mistress: In the middle of the attack on the ranch, their Cartel spinning out of power, and their very best friend Aracely shot to death at her own wedding by Larry, Gallo and The Gals did the only thing possible: They have entered into a ménage and by all appearances, it’s not a one-night stand, and they all have breakfast together. 

My theory is if you can all have breakfast together, if the ménage can survive the crankier part of the day (without alcohol) the ménage will survive  just fine. 

What I have to wonder is what that little boy who is being raised by Josefina and Gallo, but is really the child of Josefina’s dead (car crushed) husband and the dead (shot to death by said dead husband) maid, wonders about his  new family:

The book is called “Bepito has Two Mommies (and One Daddy).”

And from the ridiculous to the sublime…

The ending of this fantastic series was extremely romantic: the happy couple LaCoyote y El Poligringo walked off hand in hand  into the sunset together, out of the same desert  where they first met as enemies approximately four months ago.

Only one thing could have made this magic  scene even more romantic, and there it was:

As the lovers walked off into the sunset, they left one thing behind: Governor Don El Chucho, buried up to his neck into the desert, with the coyotes eating him alive. 

To me, as a law-enforcement professional, I thought Governor Chucho should be  impeached. Some of his many crimes included   gun-running, drug-running, killing half of his family  and killing the head of the Federal police department by impaling him on a pitchfork and stapling him to the side of the barn door. With all of that and a lot more, impeachment seemed inevitable.

But leaving the coyotes to  eat him alive starting at the top of his head was definitely another way to go. 

A lot more happened in this episode leaving room for another season of this insanely wacky series, and you’ll be reading more from me later!!

I’m need your help!

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