Another Telenovela Dream Come True!!

Que tal!

Who knew that when I decided to learn Spanish from telenovelas that one day I’d be consulting on the scripts??

But that’s what’s happened, and that telenovela is “Al Otro Lado del Muro,” which premieres tomorrow night on Telemundo!!

When you watch the show, pay close attention to the law-related scenes, because guess what??

I consulted with the writer Laura Sosa Pedroza (at her invitation!) on the legal issues in the show!!

I always knew being a lawyer would pay off one day – but I never thought it would be by consulting with telenovela writers on legal themes in the script, and being part of a show as exciting as this one!

One of the things I have always loved about telenovelas is how crazy the courtroom scenes are, with people in the audience yelling “Culpable!” and “Mentirosa!!” I also love the law enforcement technique they use of pitting one criminal against the other during an interrogation (although that recently backfired for a certain bad guy in “Jose, Jose” when his co-conspirator called him a liar and slashed his throat in the Interview Room. While the police were unable to solve the original crime they had plenty to work with on the new murder that happened in the police station).

And now, I am a very small part of this crazy world! You will be happy to know that the courtroom scenes in “Al Otro Lado del Muro” will be as exciting as ever, and still almost as if a real lawyer was never consulted, since I am more like a t.v. lawyer anyway.

An added bonus is that I’ve met many of the cast members, and spent a little time on the set, something I would never have thought was possible when I started learning Spanish from telenovelas!

You are going to love Litzy, Marjorie de Sousa and Gabriel Porras in this timely and exciting series, and the supporting cast is unbeatable, including the epic Adriana Barraza.

Let’s watch this show together! I’ll be writing about it here, on, and on social media @gringanovelera.

And pay close attention to all legal issues because there might be a quiz.

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