Everything In Life Relates To “Seinfeld,” Even The Telenovela “Al Otro Lado Del Muro!”

Did you watch the Telemundotelenovela Al Otro Lado del Muro last night? If you did, then you must have been glued to your couch, just like me!!

In fact, I was so paralyzed by what was happening that like Sofia, I was trapped in my own room,

except unlike Sofia, I was not locked in there by my husband, The Governor.

And unlike Sofia, my housekeeper did not bring me a delicious dinner with a hidden cell phone to use.

And unlike Sofia, I did not get a visit from Paula, my husband’s mistress and campaign manager, who gave me permission to leave my room, so she could yell at me.

And unlike Sofia, I am not a former beauty queen who my husband’s mistress choose to be The First Lady based upon a good head shot.

And unlike Sofia, my husband’s mistress would not have me shot in the head if I don’t behave myself.

Sofia had a TERRIBLE day yesterday, and she got absolutely no traction even though she busted wide open the Human Trafficking ring her husband and his friends run.

When she confronted her husband, he denied everything, even though she found the secret papers in his safe that were basically receipts for selling teenage girls to the Cartel.

I’ll give Gabriel Porras this:

He Plays The World’s Greatest Liar so perfectly that he could work for Trump as his new Press Secretary.

Even though I had seen I the meeting between him and the Mob about the Human Trafficking, he almost had ME convinced he wasn’t involved.

To add insult to injury, he sent the kids to his mother’s and locked Sofia in her room, which the entire household staff did not think was unusual at all.

Then, Sofia got the bad news from Paula that not only is Paula The Governor’s First Girlfriend, but the Governor only married Sofia because she was popular, and because Paula picked her over the telenovela actress.

This was remarkable.

The fact that Paula choose Sofia over a telenovela actress not only shows how brave Paula is, but was also DELICIOUS because all of the women in the show are Telenovela Actresses.

I love Meta-Moments like that.

Plus the show was so tense that I needed a little comic relief.

The only bright spot in Sofia’s day were the violets the Interpol agent sent that had a cell-phone hidden inside, so he can help her escape. Plus, I predict it is his first courting gesture.

No one owes a bigger debt to telenovelas than the telephone industry.

You know who betrayed Sofia?Julian, The Governor’s Mini-Me and Child Spy. No one says “Que haces Aqui” as scary as this kid.

If I was Sofia, I’d get Julian a box of Tic Tacs to keep in his pocket, like Elaine gave to “The Sidler” in “Seinfeld,” so she always knew when he was coming.

Eliza had a bad day too:Not only did she leave her mother AND the bakery, to take the kids to L.A. to live with their dad, but she also had a very hard time keeping her son out of her purse every time she wasn’t looking, which is a sure sign of a Bad Seed.

Plus, she must be afraid to fly or something, because Max looks pretty successful and could have definitely afforded the three plane tickets.

Eliza should have flown because then she would have arrived in L.A. two days ahead of something a lot scarier:

Max’s wife.

And their son’s impending illness.

This novela is gripping and excellent, and you don’t want to miss it!!

An Exciting Premiere With Lots Of Chauffeurs!

Did you watch the Very Grand Premiere of the latest telenovela from Telemundo & writer Laura Sosa Pedroza, “Al Otro Lado del Muro?”

It was the fastest hour on television last night, and I didn’t know where to look so I wouldn’t miss anything!!

Here’s the story so far:

Marjorie de Sousa plays “Sofia” the kind and beautiful wife of Ernesto Martinez, Governor of a large state in Mexico.

They have two children, a boy and a girl, but Ernesto prefers his son because he wears bow ties. He’s not too crazy about his daughter because she is a tomboy and smart.

They have a very big house with a lot of cars in front and everyone has their own driver, which has always been my dream.

The chauffeurs are always hanging around out in front while they spy on each other and the family, while pretending to polish their side-view mirrors.

I predict that in this series, instead of the housekeepers knowing what everyone is up to in the house, it will be these chauffeurs, which is a twist I already love.

Governor Martinez is not only the World’s Worst Governor because he is a Human Trafficker who cheats on his wonderful wife with his Social Secretary who thinks she is the First Wife, but he might have a worse Cabinet than Trump:

1. Juan Estevez, (the always awesome Omar Germenos) his partner in Human Trafficking of children, and

2. The Very Tall and Corrupt Senator Irving Cummings of Texas, whose Spanish is worse than mine.

Last night, in the midst of the big birthday gala for Ernesto, where all of their evil friends were in attendance, Sofia gets wind of the fact that her husband and his pals might be involved with human trafficking when the mother of a missing girl keeps trying to get to The Governor to help find her missing daughter.

The mother does not know that all Ernesto has to do to “help” her is to release her daughter (and the hundreds of other kids he’s holding) from the ranch Sofia inherited from her father, but apparently never visits.

I’m not sure why Sofia has abandoned the ranch to begin with, because even if it’s far, she has a driver, so she could go whenever she wants.

The Mother Of The Missing Girl, and an intrepid reporter, keep trying to convince Sofia to help, but what convinces her to check things out is when she catches Gov Martinez and his scary pal Estevez talking about delivering shipments of “little bottles” of wine and tequila.

Since being a Bad Governor keeps Ernesto busy enough, Sofia is certain he is also not a liquor distributor.

To be honest, if this was set in Chicago, Sofia would know that only a busy corrupt politician that has the time, cash and connections to obtain a liquor distributorship.

Sofia sneaks out of her own house (always a bad sign when you have to sneak out of your own house), drives herself out to the her ranch, peers into the window, and sees a lot of teenagers laying around watching tv.

Now, abunch of teenagers laying around watching tv is not that unusual sight anywhere, but since no one lives at the ranch Sofia was very suspicious.

And when she recognized the Missing Girl among them, she realized her husband was involved in the Human Trafficking with his best scary pal, The Guest Who Never Leaves, Juan Estevez.

She is caught by a Very Bad Guy while spying but then saved by a Very Good Guy who is also one of The Chauffers, who she thought was a Very Bad Guy.

Devastated, she gets into a car accident on the way home, and calls her chauffeur German (Hely Ferrigny) to pick her up. I’m not sure if he can be trusted yet, because like the rest of the chauffeurs he is also always outside, pretending to polish his side-view mirror.

I’m prepared to predict today that The Chauffeurs are all going to be very important to this series, as well as very unpredictable!

Now is the time to tell you that in the first minute of the show, we see Sofia and her daughter making a fantastic escape across the Border in a car that drives up a ramp and crosses The Border that way (which I hope keeps Trump up at night) with one of the Chauffers saving her life by shooting a guy that’s about to shoot her.

The rest of the show is told in flashback from a week before that.

Sofia is an excellent stunt driver, considering she never has to drive herself anywhere.

This is a very busy week for Sofia and her caterer, and the show’s other Protagonist “Eliza,” played by Litzy. Stay tuned to this Page:

I’ll tell you all about her story in the next post!

Meanwhile, cancel your plans, set your DVR, and do whatever you need to do to follow this wonderful new telenovela!

And don’t forget to pay extra-special attention to the scenes involving legal issues because I helped!!

You Will Be Over The Moon When You Watch “Al Otro Lado Del Muro!”


Are you ready for the Very Exciting Premiere of “Al Otro Lado del Muro?” on Telemundo?

This fantastic telenovela starts this Wednesday, February 21, and we can’t wait to watch it!!

I have a very special place in my heart for “Al Otro Lado Del Muro” – “The Other Side of the Wall” – for many reasons.

First of all, as we all know, the topic could not be more timely. The actresses Litzy and Marjorie de Sousa are the Protagonists in this novela.

They play two very different women who share the common goal of a life in the USA, but for very different reasons.

Litzy is “Eliza Romero” a beautiful and happy baker with two children and unfortunately, as she learns when she takes her children to the USA, a husband with a family on both sides of the border.

As you can imagine, her husband Max will leave her and their kids stranded at the bus station, and will not be welcomed by his Gringuita Familia, because this is not that weird show “Sister Wives.”

Undaunted because no woman as beautiful as Litzy is single for long,

her Eliza will meet all disasters with a cheerful optimism that hides a core of steel and lots of great dessert recipes.

Marjorie de Sousa, in her first appearance for Telemundo, plays Sofia Villavicencio, the wife of the evil Mexican governor Ernesto Martinez, a woman who is a former pageant queen with a very long maiden name.

Kind, gracious, and beautiful, Sofia the perfect political wife, and loving mother to her son and daughter.

However, Sofia flees to the USA when she learns that her husband is also in charge of a human trafficking ring, which she tries to bust up before she leaves, because she is brave as she is beautiful, and also because she’s really mad at her ex-.

In the previews, it looks like she drives her Jeep right over The Wall, which I am sure The American Idiot/President will be tweeting about soon.

Poor Sofia can only bring her daughter with her, however, because her son will be ripped from her arms just before her escape.

In the USA, Sofia finds Eliza, the only person Sofia can trust because Eliza was Sofia’s caterer in Mexico, which is a closer relationship than even a doctor and her patient.

Gabriel Porras, handsome as ever, is The Antagonist, The Evil Governor and Human Trafficker Ernesto Martinez. When Gabriel Porras is good, he is very good, but when he is bad, he is even better. Governor Martinez is cold and calculating, but like all politicians, he is great at being a phony. With the help of his staff, other politicians, and his Equally Evil girlfriend, he fools the voters, while he buys and sells young women, kidnaps his own son, and gets to live in the Governor’s Mansion for free.

He will have to battle Sofia, Eliza, many other supporting characters, and the voters, but never his conscience, in this thrilling new series.

I have been waiting for AOLDM for a long time! When I was in Miami a few months ago, I was lucky enough to visit the Telemundo studios while they were filming the show, and not only did I meet Litzy, Marjorie de Sousa and Gabriel Porras, but I watched them film a scene or two! (Actually I had met Gabriel Porras before, and I was shocked he did not remember me. Especially since he had to get a Restraining Order that time.)

Since I am still learning Spanish from telenovelas, I can’t tell you exactly what the scene was about, which is why I think Telemundo thinks it’s safe to invite me to the studio: I won’t reveal any secrets because I have no idea what’s happening.

I can tell you that from what I saw, there was a lot of gun-pointing, yelling, and Gabriel Porras flipped an intruder upside-down.

I did learn that it is very risky for an actor to flip an adult upside-down, but Gabriel came out on top, as he always does.

It is really a privilege for me, the ultimate fan, to watch what goes into every scene of a telenovela, and the patience and professionalism everyone shows. These novelas depend on everyone doing their jobs, most especially the gracious and charming man who brings around shots of espresso every few hours to keep the cast and crew going! Join me and let’s watch Al Otro Lado del Muro together!

Adriana Barraza, Jose Guillermo Cortines, Omer Germenos, Daniela Bascope, Gabriela Vergara, Gustavo Pedroza, Hely Ferrigny, Christopher Millan, Ed Trucco, and Uriel del Toro are just a few of the other great actors who round-out this novela!

And the writer is the always-compelling Laura Sosa Pedroza, who I am a huge fan of!!

Let’s watch @AlOtroLadoDelMuro together!!