Every Monday Is A Holiday When You Watch Telenovelas!!

Today is Monday, which means the lunacy of the Telemundo Telenovela @SenoraAcero starts all over again!

LaTuti Frutti has started her own Cartel, and it’s basically comprised of two Cuban women she picked up from El Mero Mero’s bed, and her Barbie Dolls.

You can criticize this Cabinet all day long, but it’s still better than the Trump Cabinet.

One member of her so-called “Mamacita Cartel” has infiltrated LaCoyote’s migrant-assistance program, but I’m not sure why, unless it’s just to keep tabs on Vincenta for El Mero Mero. He’s fallen in love with Vincenta, but to win her heart he’s going to have to pretend to be a nice guy , which will be tough because he’s also pretending to be a lawyer. Something’s gotta give, but I don’t think it will be Romero’s retainer.

Meanwhile, Pepito convinced Mario Casas to let him finally change out of that sad Laura Ashley dress he was wearing and back into his Thurston (“Gilligan’s Island”) Howell III outfit, complete with the pocket square.

I’ll say one thing for that Jose Angel – he cleans up really well, even though he had been savagely castrated by Salvador Acero, left to bleed to death, did not die, and his post-operative care was directed by El Indio and Tecolote.

Not only was this a gripping plot twist, it is also the cornerstone of Congress’ New Health Care Plan.

Speaking of politics, El Gallo is continuing his own campaign for Mayor, which is not easy when your wife and mistress are competing for the role of First Lady, one of them sits behind him on stage holding their baby, and the other one also sits behind him on stage holding a doll, pretending it’s his baby.

We will have to see how forgiving the voters are, but they haven’t seen anything yet, and neither have we because this week, La Tuti is going to join the campaign!!

Don’t miss this fun and insane show!!!

Happy Monday!!

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