Get Ready America!!


Tomorrow is the Extremely Grand Premiere of the newest novela coming from Telemundo, “La Dona!”

Aracely Arambula may dress like a princess, but don’t let that tiara fool you!

She is a construction magnate who would scare Donald Trump, and to paraphrase my hero Maureen Dowd, La Dona would probably settle the whole MidEast Crisis easily because she views the entire mess as a bad real estate deal.

Danna Paola will play  the daughter she never had, and never wanted.

David Chocarro is  the boyfriend both of them want, neither will leave behind, and may possibly try to kill each other over.

David plays a lawyer who fights for justice for women, but wait until you see what Aracely has in store for him…

Rebecca Jones plays a sorceress who reads coffee grounds, which is probably why she hangs around Starbucks so much. 

AND, there is a beautiful, exotic,  compelling and tough police officer in the show too, “Karen, LaDetective.”

According to the writers of the show she is inspired by me! “Karen, La Prosecutor!” Except I’m not compelling or tough, but I am somewhat exotic because I like Thai food and plus I still smoke. 

Don’t miss the Premiere tonight on Telemundo!! We are having a viewing party and I’ll be live-tweeting during the show…whatever that means.

Here is my article (in reverse) about the show for Latin Connection magazine!!

Let’s watch it tonight!!

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