Eliza Meets The Baddest Of Bad Hombres When She Meets Jennifer, Her Husband’s Gringa Wife!

There is no better hour on television than the Telemundo telenovela Al Otro Lado del Muro!

Here’s what happened last night:

So just as the episode opened, and Sofia thought she was about to escape the motel for the USA, or, if not, then at least for a better hotel, her husband The Evil Governor Ernesto Martinez and his henchmen were on The Other Side Of The Door.

The henchmen took the kids, and Ernesto once again tried to convince Sofia he was innocent.

I’ll tell you what:

Ernesto has a great future in politics because he really is a World Class Liar.

He actually told Sofia that she’s the “Amor de Mi Vida,” the “Love Of my Life,” with a straight face, but she didn’t buy it because she already knew that Paula had picked her to be The Governor’s Wife.

Meanwhile, their kids were bickering between themselves and the henchmen, which made the henchmen wonder why Ernesto was so intent on keeping them.

When Sofia left the motel room, her daughter ran to her, but her rat-bastard of a stepson waited in the car. Too bad.

Because at that moment the sharpshooters with the Mob Boss’ Son showed up and tried to kill Sofia.

Bullets flew everywhere.

I thought they might be trying to kill Ernesto, and so did Ernesto because when you are Ernesto, it’s not unusual that people want to kill you.

But no- that was an assassination attempt on Sofia, who was able to escape with her terrified daughter thanks to the quick thinking and excellent driving ability of Joel.

I love that Joel left the tattle-tale Bow Tie Julián at the motel with his father Ernesto. Joel knows this kid is bad news.

Just like my grandmother used to say about certain people:

“You can tell a bad day from early in the morning.”

Of course, since she said it in Italian, I might not have understood it correctly, just like I could be getting things wrong about this great novela, because there’s a lot to keep up with for me in Spanish!!

So Joel takes Sofia and her daughter to a hidden cabin that his Interpol Chief Patrick finds for them. This cabin is cozy and romantic, and just the perfect place to wind down after a major-shootout, which is how I would promote it on Air BNB.

Once Sofia gets her daughter to sleep, she finds a First-Aid kit in the cabin, and fixes Joel’s bulletwound.

Everyone in a telenovela knows how to fix a bullet wound, even retired Beauty Pageant winners like Sofia. It must be a required class in 7th grade, which is where all “required” classes happen.

After the surgery, Joel and Sofia kiss in front of the fire, which is the perfect way to end their day, after the kidnappings, betrayals and assassination attempt.

That is another feature that would be included in the Air BNB ad for this awesome cabin.

Meanwhile, back in the Governor’s Office, his Chief Of Staff and Girlfriend Paula is seducing the Mafia Boss’ son who ordered the hit on Sofia, but has an impressive work-ethic because he also helped try to kill her.

Paula is willing to overlook what a bad shot he is, judging by the fact she stripped in front of him.

Since I’m still learning Spanish from telenovelas, I can’t figure out if this is what Gov Ernesto wants her to do, or if this is just a side-job for Paula, an insurance policy.

Time will tell, while another associate of theirs, The Elegant and Ultra Evil Juan Estevez (Omar Germenos) sits in jail, a ticking tomb for Ernesto, Paula, The Mob, and their Human Trafficking Business….

Meanwhile, back in L.A., I think that Eliza’s day could be described as “Bad Gringo” day, and for the first time she understood what Trump meant when he used the phrase “Bad Hombres” – he must have meant the Gringos that have Greeted her and her family in L.A.

Because they have been awful!

From the Security Guard who threw Eliza and the kids out of the bus station and kept yelling at the top of his lungs that he didn’t speak Spanish, to the cab driver who stole her phone when he couldn’t steal her money, Eliza had a terrible Gringo day because Max never showed up to pick Eliza and the kids at the bus station, and Steve, his intended emissary, is in a coma somewhere.

Luckily for Eliza, she found the house Max bought for her, and even luckier, that awesome carpenter was at the house doing some last-minute touch-ups to the place, so he could let them in, Welcome them to the USA, and offer to help them find Max.

Sometimes telenovelas are accused of being a bit unrealistic.

Since I am a huge fan of anything that is not realistic, I am ALL-IN on any crazy plot twist anyone throws my way.

But even I cannot accept the complete and utter fantasy that any carpenter or home-repair guy would voluntarily return to the house, without being asked, to do some final-touch ups, and make sure everything is ok.


That guy is never coming back unless you scream, yell, beg, and ultimately offer more money.

After Andres, the Best and Most Unusually Cheerful Carpenter Ever, left Eliza and the kids, Eliza thought that her horrible day had finally come to a happy end, until there was a knock at the door…

Eliza happily thought it must be The Missing Max,

but when she flung the door open,


standing on the other side,

was the Scariest Bad Hombre Of All,

Max’s wife Jennifer,

who took a moment from her busy day at the bedside of her dying son

to glare at her husband’s wife.


What will happen tonight??????


And a special Thank You to Joaquín Fernández for the wonderful music in this great series! This song will haunt you forever!

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