LaDoña is a Hit!! 

Did you watch the VERY GRAND PREMIERE of the new Telemundo telenovela “La Dona” on Telemundo!


No, we have not yet  seen the appearance of my lovely and talented alter-ego #Karen, LaDetective but I’m sure we will see her soon because a multitude of crimes have been committed already in the first episode, including a severe fire hazard in Altagracia’s dungeon.

And the fact that she has a dungeon.

Basically, Aracely Arambula plays “Altagracia Sandoval,” a wealthy,  beautiful, powerful, perpetually angry and mean real-estate developer.

If Donald Trump was beautiful, with a predilection for Jackie-O sunglasses, bra-tops and tiaras, he’d nail the part. 

Right now Altagracia is “dating” a different El Presidente. They have cold, loveless sex that Altagracia does not enjoy.

Except for that one part where she almost chokes him to death at a very critical part.

That’s the part she likes best. 

Altagracia needs to get her latest high-rise built  right in the middle of Veracruz, but some neighbors are protesting because they are being moved into the foundation, just like Jimmy Hoffa.

So she has them arrested, even though she is a private citizen. 

I’ll tell you what: 

If Trump could have had people arrested, he probably would have never run for El  Presidente in the first place, because that’s all he seems to want to do anyway. 

So Altagtacia has a sister and a niece whom  she is always trying to indoctrinate against men, but since she  herself is wearing a tiara and dating El Presidente, her advice doesn’t exactly ring true for her. 

I’m so sleepy that I’ll have to finish this tomorrow!!

Stay tuned for tomorrow and more on this exciting, fun and wild ride!!

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