Naked Lunch?? 

Que tal!

There is so much happening in the Telemundo telenovelas that I started watching to learn Spanish from and am now completely hooked on, I might need to go on a Novela Leave at work! 

“LaDona” just started  last week, with Aracely Arambula playing absolutely against type as “Altagracia,” an extremely wealthy, extraordinarily beautiful and dangerously bitter woman who has a lot of axes to grind and bury in people’s necks. Luckily for her  she has plenty of building foundations to hide those bodies in, because she is also a construction magnate who lives like a royal princess, if royal princesses practice  witchcraft in their basement, choke  their husbands almost to death during sex, and greet  strangers invited over for lunch to her ranch naked as a newborn, which makes the inevitable horseback riding very uncomfortable. 

It’s all TOO MUCH!!!

And last night she crashed the “Welcome Home” party of the man she sent to jail, and only agreed to release from jail because his son Saul convinced her to, during the whole “Naked Lunch” thing. 

But don’t get the wrong idea: Saul did not hook up with Altagracia. 

Saul has integrity, he’s really a great lawyer, and he might be the Best Looking Man In The World. And he is kind, compassionate and fights for women, as those same women are tearing each other’s eyes out for a date with him. 

If I was his wife, I’d never let him leave the house, and I would never leave the house either. We’d live on love and pizza deliveries.  

Altagracia is obsessed with Saul, and will do anything to get her elegant hands around his great-looking neck.  

Her obsession, combined with her money and witchcraft powers do not bode well for Saul’s wife, and that’s just the opening act. Her real competition is her beautiful and sincere and beautiful daughter Monica, who she has hated from birth. Literally, from birth!!

It doesn’t get much better than this, you’re thinking. We’ll watch “La Dons” tonight, and you’ll see just how GREAT it can get!! 

Altagracia has crashed the Welcome Home party of Saul’s dad just to tell him that she’s going to destroy him. Plus, she showed up empty-handed, which will never help make friends! 

Even though Saul is a great lawyer, Altagracia will never get rid of the lawyer she has now: He seems to get the job done, he has Crazy-Blue eyes that can be used for hypnosis (which can be helpful to Altagracia when she practices witchcraft), and when he hooks up with his wife he calls out Altagracia’s name and doesn’t apologize, so he’s right up Altagracia’s alley. 

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Muchas gracias!! 

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