Telenovelas Aren’t Telenovelas Without These Three Stars!!!

In “Pasion Prohibida,” Ruben Morales ran a household staff whose members were so busy crying and gossiping that they never had time to dust.

In “Santa Diabla,” Roberto Mateos killed three FBI agents with one pen, and was eventually served up for lunch in the Chile con Carne at the Grand Opening of a restaurant run by his ex-girlfriend and ex-wife.

In “El Senor de los Cielos,” Guillermo Quintanilla was one-third of the unforgettable Robles Siblings; he seemed to be the Voice Of Reason, in-between a cocaine-crazed brother and boy-crazy sister. (I say “seemed to be…” because I had just started learning Spanish from telenovelas then, and had no idea what was happening!! )

The first time I saw all three of these tremendous actors they made a huge impression on me.

But I never dreamed that someday I would have the chance to interview them, and write a cover story about them for Latin Connection Magazine!!

I hope you enjoy it!!