The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far From The Coffee Grounds

Que tal!

Well, #LaDona on #Telemundo  is unfolding right in front of our eyes, as we start to learn some of the reasons why Altagracia Sandoval will be one of the most complicated novela characters ever!!

And now it all becomes clear thanks to the appearance of her aunt Yesenia, played by the amazing Rebecca Jones,who never  changes! She looks as great as ever and is going to be a big force (hopefully for evil) in this series! 

So first of all, Altagracia has her army of evil-doers attack the apartment complex where Saul  (David Chocarro) lives with his family, and coincidentally so does her daughter Monica  (Danna Paolo) and her (non)father – Altagracia’s ex, who not unreasonably lives in mortal fear of Altagracia.

Altagracia had her men attack the complex in the middle of the night for the element of surprise and so she could see him without his shirt, as she watched from her hidden perch. 

With binoculars. 

Saul rescued the whole complex, saved Monica from an attack, and like the late singer  Prince after a game of night-basketball, made breakfast for everyone! 

Altagracia was foiled again, but continued to be intrigued by Saul’s bravery, shirtless appearance, and media-savvy use of cellphone video during his arrest.

After he explained the Internet to his mother, Saul sent the video of Altagracia’s Army trying to arrest him to all of the local news agencies, and a few modeling agencies in New York City. 

The next morning, a disappointed and obsessed Altagracia watched Saul’s failed arrest on tv news, and she saw this clip as less of a public relations problem and more of an opportunity to fantasize  about someone else while choking  her husband to the brink of death during sex. 

Well, if Altagracia thinks she is going to be taking Saul to prom, she will need to clear the way.

Yes, he has a wife, but no one is worried about her.

It’s MONICA, who after spending a few minutes with Saul during the melee at the apartment complex, has fallen head over heels in love with him, which I’m afraid is exactly where her mother Altagracia is going to put her. 

Literally, with her head over her heels, and every other body part missing. 

And how did Altagracia become so evil?

Well, after the gang that wears flour-sacks for masks raped and killed just about everyone in Alta’s family, and not necessarily in that order, Alta and her sister went to live with their Tia Yesenia (Jones), who sent them to work on a construction site, and taught the girls to lie, cheat, and steal, and read coffee grounds, which they also had to learn to steal, which is not easy. 

Yesenia also taught Alta to use men to get everything she wants, especially anything that involves the use of a ladder or tools. 

Thanks to Yesenia, Alta became the very scary, cold and calculating woman she is, and although it wasn’t mentioned, in quite certain that Yesenia taught Alta that choking trick she uses on her husband. 

Yesenia tried to visit Alta yesterday at her house in a pop-in, but she couldn’t even get in the front door, let alone get a cup of coffee so she could steal the grounds.

No one likes a pop-in, especially Altagracia. There is a reason she has a security army in front of her house dressed in identical dark black satin suits guarding the front of her home. 

And her coffee grounds. 

Don’t miss it tonight!! 


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